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LMT- Development

Trademark Development

Whether you are trying to start a business/brand and just need help with coming up with a name or you want to rebrand we have you covered. Our 30 min trademark development call would be perfect for you.


LMT- Registration

Trademark Registration

Are you looking to protect your Trademark in ALL 50?

Then start the federal trademark registration process today. 

Each of our packages includes our trademark search services.



Trademark Monitoring

Have you already registered your trademark but need help monitoring it. Then our trademark monitoring service would be perfect for you. Gain a peace of mind knowing that your trademark is being monitored.


LMT- Licensing 

Trademark Licensing & Montization

Are you looking to license or assign your trademark rights out to different brands or business? Then our trademark licensing & monetization services would be best for you.


LMT- Search

Trademark Comprehensive Search

Are you just now deciding on the perfect name but you want to make sure it's available before you start investing in building your business or brand? Then a trademark comprehensive search would be perfect for you.


LMT- Usage Counseling 

Trademark Usage Advice/Counseling

Are you looking for legal advice and counseling on how to properly use your trademark before and/or after registration? Then this 1hr legal strategy call would be perfect for you.



Trademark Renewal/Maintance

Is it time for you to renew your trademark with the USPTO? Then let us help you properly file your renewal so that your mark will not be canceled by the USPTO for an untimely or an inproper renewal submission.



Trademark Infringment

Do you believe someone is infringing on your trademark rights and you need help enforcing those rights? Then our 1-hour case evaluation call would be best for you.

Need Help Understanding Which Legal Service Is Best For You?

We are happy to help by answering any of your questions. Click here to book a legal consultation call with us today.

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