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A.C. Scott Law Firm., PLLC.

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Let us help you protect your creative, distinctive, and iconic Trademark(s). Helping you leave an everlasting mark on our communities.

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With the Right Legal Team, Great Things Can Happen.

Learn how we can help you build a stronger brand by protecting your story.

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Here's What You'll Get When You Work With A Team
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Protection Strategy

A Personal Protection Strategy for your Specific Brand Identity. 


Teamwork make the dream come true. We have a common goal, a dream, and work together to achieve it. 

Flat Fees

ALL-INCLUSIVE Flat Fee Package(s) tailored to your specific protection needs. No trademark portfolio is too big or too small for us to defend.


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We approach each of our clients as an individual rather than just another customer. You are always on our mind!

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What Our Clients Say

Attorney Ally believes in protecting your interests while securing your future. She is very competent and understands the complexities of entertainment law firm many standpoints! I’m a happy client!

Bryan Keyth-West


Allicea Bel-Whig

I have nothing but positivity to say about this law firm! Alexandria is an awesome Attorney who not only is skillful and articulate in trademark and business law, but she sincerely cares about the needs of each of her clients. She will ensure that you are LegALLY Marked for sure! I highly recommend her!!!

Maxy O'Conner

Ally is great to work with from the beginning and learning my vision of what I wanted has been phenomenal. She explained the whole process with details, suggestions, and advice. Ally understands the whole legal process and makes your job very easy. She follows up with you on any updates she receives. She is very professional, supportive and wants to make sure you are a happy customer. She goes above and beyond great service! I couldn't have asked for a better lawyer to have my back!"

We've Got Answers!

You've got questions?

  • What are the benefits of having a Trademark registration?
    You gain the right to use the federal trademark registration symbol, ®, with your trademark to show that you are registered with us. This may help deter others from using your trademark or one too similar to yours. You gain the exclusive right to use the Mark for the goods/services identified on your federal registration. Your trademark is listed on the USPTO database of registered and pending trademarks. This provides public notice to anyone searching for similar trademarks. They will see your trademark, the goods and services on your registration, the date you applied for trademark registration, and the date your trademark registered. You gain the right to bring a lawsuit concerning the trademark in federal court. You gain the legal presumption that you own the trademark and have the right to use it. So, in federal court, your registration certificate proves ownership, eliminating the need for copious amounts of evidence. You can use your registration as a basis for filing for trademark protection in foreign countries. A PEACE OF MIND KNOWING YOUR TRADEMARK IS PROTECTED FEDERALLY!
  • Why is it important to hire an attorney?
    Although it is not required for a U.S Domicled company to hire an attroney to file trademark registration, the USPTO strongly encourage applicants to hire a U.S.-licensed attorney who specializes in trademark law to guide them through the registration process. Hiring an attorney not only increases your chances of having a successful trademark registration process, but a good attorney will be able to: conduct trademark clearance searches; provide crucial legal advice; help you enforce and maintain your trademark rights; and represent you at the USPTO's Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.
  • Can I enforce my trademark rights while my application is pending approval with the USPTO?
    Your trademark has its own identity just like we do. Each case varies. Generally, we do not suggest our clients to enforce their trademark rights until after their application has been approved by the USPTO. But some trademarks may have developed such rights overtime. If you would like to start enforcing your trademark rights during the process, please give us a call and we will be happy to counsel you on your particular case.
  • Do you work with foreign applicant's looking to obtain Trademark protection in the United States?
    Yes we do. Simply book a consultaion call and we will be happy to assist you with your U.S. Trademark Protection needs.
  • How do I get started?

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